So I was at the Person of Interest panel last night at the Paley Center here in NYC. I was towards the back of the theater and only got a couple half-way decent pics which I included here. The audience was able to see next week’s episode, ‘Lady Killer,’ and it is AWESOME! A really great story with twists & turns and a lot of laughs! Pretty much all the characters get good screen time, including Bear, who Shaw seems to be bonding with lol ;-) There was one thing that was mentioned in the episode between Reese and another character that kinda surprised me, but I don’t wanna say anything else until the episode actually airs. I also enjoyed Warren Kole as the guest star and hope to see him in future episodes.

Anyway, I tried getting autographs/pics outside the Paley Center after the event, but it was such a giant clusterf*ck of photographers and eBay autograph sellers mobbing the actors, that I couldn’t get close. At one point I tried to cross the street after Jonathan Nolan but almost got hit by a truck, so that was a no-go lol. Also, they scheduled the Louie panel RIGHT AFTER the POI event, so you had 200 extra people outside blocking the entrance to the venue. Great planning, Paley Center. *SIGH*

Overall, it was a great event and I enjoyed seeing Sarah Shahi on a POI panel, although Taraji was missed! Jonathan said she was filming some Carter flashback scenes last night, so she couldn’t make the event. Can’t wait to see how those turn out!

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      Thanks @caviezus, omg, I can’t wait!!!! but do you know why I ask, so if you can say yes its related or no is not? :):)
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      It’s neither good nor bad really, but I’ll comment once the episode airs lol. I think it’s just something that I didn’t...
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      Warren Cole is NOT starring on “Almost Human”.
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